Juliette Binoche
Didi Fancher

Juliette Binoche is the only female in the world to be awarded the Best Actress award in all three main European Film Festivals: Cannes  with “Certified Copy”, Venice with “Three Colors: Blue” and Berlin with “The English Patient”, confirming her unforgettable talent. In the latter, Juliette’s remarkable interpretation granted her an Academy Award.

With the film “Chocolat”, which turned out to be one of her biggest successes, Binoche received an Oscar nomination.
Her career has been paced by her astonishing versatility and audacity over her character choices. She is one of the most respected French actresses who has worked with highly renowned directors from different countries. Jean Luc-Godard, Anthony Minghella, Abel Ferrara, Michael Haneke or André Téchiné are just a few names to have directed Juliette Binoche.

The Oscar nominated film “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” made her a household name within the American audience.  “Mary” by Abel Ferrara, “Hidden” by Michael Haneke or “Certified Copy” by Abbas Kiarostami are examples that testify her magnetic power in the movie screens.  
Juliette Binoche will play the role of Didi Fancher in COSMOPOLIS.

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