Brutha Fez
One of the most notorious rappers and musicians of our days, namely after his hit 'Waving Flag' was chosen to be one of the hymns of the last World Cup, K'naan born in Somalia during the civil war. The word K'naan means 'traveller' in Somali very much like the journey of the musician himself, K'naan was forced to abandon the country due to the intensification of the conflict and he moved with his family to Canada.

His music mixes rhythms proudly inspired by his native country with his very own talent, making K'naan a worldwide name. His music constantly avoids the common places referenced by North American rappers and this is, in fact, one of his main strengths. He has won four Juno Awards, the Canadian equivalent of a Grammy.

The global reach of his music is ever growing and the artist himself, a devoted activist, has taken advantage of this success to alert the world about the serious problems affecting Somalia. 
other participations

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