Mathieu Amalric
André Petrescu
Highly praised actor, director and writer, Mathieu Amalric is an awarded name within European cinema. Starring opposite Daniel Craig in the latest James Bond flick “Quantum of Solace” or being directed by Steven Spielberg and Alain Resnais, Almalric reveals his versatility by constantly being on the cast list of worldly famous directors.

The French actor was described by critics as an “Antoine Doinel of the 90’s”, an allusion to his personality on screen. His character is ever defined as highly romantic, eccentric and intellectual.

Mathieu Amalric was recently awarded the Best Director prize at the legendary Cannes Festival for his exuberant and flamboyant new film, “Tournée – On Tour”. His third motion picture has also been reviewed by critics as a relevant one of a kind film. Last but not least “Tournée – On Tour” won the Fipresci prize.

In Cosmopolis, Mathieu Amalric plays the role of André Petrescu, co-starring with Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche and Paul Giamatti.
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