Robert Pattinson
Eric Packer
Robert Pattinson, undeniably one of the most popular actors of today’s film industry, much due to his “Twilight” saga’s role as Edward, Hollywood’s most profitable 2010’s screen character.

His breakthrough performances were in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” and “Little Ashes”, where he impressed beautifully as a young Salvador Dali. But the buzz around Pattinson grew after his role in “Twilight”.  

The first film of this captivating saga became an unavoidable popularity phenomenon, which end up grossing almost 400 million dollars in box-office takings.

The following “Twilight” films, all of them with Pattinson in the leading role, achieved the same impressive levels of success and turned this young British actor into one of the most famous faces in world press.

A very talented actor when playing all of his characters, Pattinson brings a sensibility and total commitment to his work, which very much contributed to the success of his films. Robert Pattinson will be the leading actor in COSMOPOLIS.

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