COSMOPOLIS – “The teaser of the year”

COSMOPOLIS’ teaser and poster were revealed and the reviews are unanimously enthusiastic! 
"The teaser trailer for Cronenberg's next, the Don DeLillo adaptation "Cosmopolis," has arrived, and it looks like classic Cronenberg stuff. (...) It looks, to be frank, absolutely brilliant, and it's certainly dampened any doubts we might have had for the time being. And R-Patz? Damned if he doesn't look, in the very brief glimpses, right at home."  

"Robert Pattinson will once again play dark and brooding, but his latest role proves he can do more than pine and sparkle. (...) The Twilight star plays a 28-year-old playboy billionaire who goes for a deadly limo ride in David Cronenberg's upcoming Cosmopolis. Self-interested, acquisitive and nihilistic, Pattinson goes very against type from his Edward Cullen character in the vampire films."

“For those who thought David Cronenberg went soft on us with his acclaimed period drama "A Dangerous Method," prepare to be surprised. If the recently released teaser for his latest, "Cosmopolis" is anything to go by, Cronenberg is back in "Videdrome" and "Crash" mode. What that means? Kinky sex, brutal violence and a brand of weirdness only Cronenberg can conjure up.”

“The 30-second-long French trailer -- released yesterday on the film's French Facebook -- teases a performance from Robert Pattinson that is unlike anything we've ever seen. It opens up with Pattinson's voice set against a black background saying, "I'm looking for more. Aim and fire, come on, do it, flick the switch." Is it a metaphor for something more? Maybe, but it's also entirely literal, as the teaser reveals Pattinson's sexy bodyguard and part time fling pointing a taser at his chest. He dares her, "Show me something I don't know." Our only response to that is, "Wow."”

“It’s a very brief little shot of pure Cronenberg weirdness, but from the looks of this, it could be Pattinson’s most interesting work in a while. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see the whole thing, but this is certainly something very different from most of the films he’s tried before. It also marks the return of classic Cronenberg, as creatures roam New York, bullets puncture skin and people behave in extraordinary ways.”

"Robert Pattinson sexy et violent dans le premier teaser de Cosmopolis. L'extraordinaire bande-annonce laisse penser que le cinéaste revient à sa mise en scène violente et clinique de ses débuts (la monstrueuse séquence du couteau dans l'oeil) opérant même quelques embardées fantasmagoriques (la manif avec les animaux monstrueux). Ce court teaser explosif et redoutablement monté donne (très) envie d'en savoir plus."

SOUND + VISION (Portugal)
“COSMOPOLIS – THE TEASER OF THE YEAR – On the vast world of teasers and trailers, whereas the commercial routine imposes its own inertia, there are moments when a splendorous exception takes place. For instance: COSMOPOLIS, an noticeably awaited film, an avant la lettre cult object, that gathers Don DeLillo, Robert Pattinson, producer Paulo Branco and, last but not least, director David Cronenberg. We already have our release date, poster and a brief and genius teaser that exists as itself as a contagious 30 seconds film – if nobody has invented the teaser of the year’s award this is surely the time to do so.”

“David Cronenberg's adaption of a seminal Don DeLillo novel, starring Robert Pattinson: Cosmopolis is one of our most anticipated films of the year and the first teaser trailer - all mad neon text, sex (which, if it's sticking to the book, we'll be seeing a lot of) and Eric Packer's bizarre penchant for self mutilation - has only affirmed that.”

“The Movie: Cosmopolis, The Hype: "David Cronenberg"; "Robert Pattinson, Sex, and Dinosaurs." What You Should Expect to See: Rob Pattinson, still brooding. Juliette Binoche, still somewhere between cloying and charming. David Cronenberg going back to his roots of completely outlandish science-fiction. Eye-stabbing. Likelihood You'll Actually See It: Do you like sci-fi movies with the violence turned up a bit? Do you like David Cronenberg movies? Parables about the ruins of our modern world? Are you invested in the unpredictable career of Robert Pattinson for some inexplicable reason? If so, high.”